Milk Bath

When Cedar's mama came to me and asked if I would be willing to do a milk bath photoshoot, I was so excited!! This is the first one I've done and it was just so sweet! We filled the metal tub with warm water and mixed in some milk. Mama chose two different themes of florals and head pieces, which I thought was brilliant! We were able to get two completely different looks in one session! (Remember, fake flowers won't float!)

We started with the bright florals, which I adore! I love the pop of color in these. Cedar enjoyed playing with the flowers and eating the fruit (also sometimes eating the flowers). :)

The second theme was a more neutral, muted tone floral, which was just as beautiful in a completely different way! A more calm, relaxed feel. How ADORABLE is her head wrap??

Dear Cedar,

I just love capturing your growing moments! :) It's so fun watching you learn and grow with your family! I hope you enjoyed your relaxing bath!

xo Amy

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