Martin Family Session At Balboa Park

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

This session was my first time shooting at Balboa Park, and I’m certain it’s a new favorite!! There are so many amazing spots to shoot, and we probably only covered a small area of the park. This family showed up picture perfect to start! Mom, Lindsay, wanted to focus on portraits of the boys, and as always, my favorite is capturing real, sweet, authentic moments between siblings. Of course, sometimes (well most of the time) they need a little prompting, but I am just obsessed with the genuine reactions that occur as a result! :)

Big brother Ashton was so adventurous and silly! He definitely made me work for these photos, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it! Having a little boy of my own, I so appreciate their curiosity! I won’t tell you how mom and dad got him to give up his sweet little giggles (but you can probably guess it’s typical silly words that most little boys find absolutely HILARIOUS). :)

The most genuine smiles and giggles we got from Gavin (or as big brother, Ashton calls him, “Gavey”, which just made my heart melt), were when big bro gave him some snuggles and kisses. It could not have been sweeter! We came across this amazing stairs, with a stunning background toward the end of our session and took advantage of some flowers that were absolutely fascinating to little Gavey!

With littles, I love to find ways to capture details. As a mom, I know how fleeting the moments are and how fast they go from tiny newborns to 8 year old “big kids” — LIKE THE BILNK OF AN EYE (cue the waterworks). Looking back, it’s definitely they little details I miss the most. The tiny fingers, chubby cheeks, little rolls in their arms, ALL of it.

Lastly, we were able to sneak in a few family photos to end the night! Such a gorgeous family inside and out!

Lindsey, Jared, Ashton, and Gavin,

I am so happy I got to meet you all and document the incredible relationship that will continue to blossom between your boys! Thanks for choosing me to take these portraits! I had such a great time, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

—xo, Amy

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