Boyd Family

I had a blast with this family! I also learned that their youngest daughter was going to be in my daughter's preschool class, which was a fun coincidence! :) They're also a fellow Marine Corps family, which is hard to come back in our military community, so that was also a great surprise!

I'm pretty sure the first thing I said to them was "You all have gorgeous eyes!". In hindsight, that may have been a little much for a first statement, but I mean...... I'm not wrong!

What a beautiful family they have!! We actually started at one venue, or tried to, but it was completely packed, so we had to move to another place to do our mini session. Light was quickly fleeting, but we made it work, and the whole family was just perfect!

We also managed to sneak in a few shots of mom and dad alone, which I always try to do. These two were so natural and adorable together, without much direction at all. I think they may have done this before. :)

Victoria and Grace even cooperated when I made them get super close and snuggly-- thanks girls!!

Lastly, we were able to capture some great details, which are always some of my very favorites from sessions!

Thank you, Boyd family for the fun session! You have a beautiful and sweet family, and I am so glad to have met you all! --xo, Amy

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